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Our Main Services

Looking for cheap but quality advertising? We have a ton of users, and great ad options, We offer Login Ads, Banner Ads and Directory Listing services at affordable rates. Get your ads setup quickly, and start receiving ad views and/or banner impressions absolutely free!.

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Our Pay Plan

Fast Matrix Plan

Board 1

2x1 Cost $1

Pays $2

Board 2

2x1 Cost $2

Pays $4

Board 3

2x1 Cost $4

Pays $8

Board 4

2x1 Cost $8

Pays $16

Board 5

2x1 Cost $16

Pays $32

Board 6

2x1 Cost $32

Pays $64

Board 7

2x1 Cost $64

Pays $128

Board 8

2x1 Cost $128

Pays $256

Board 9

2x1 Cost $256

Pays $512

Board 10

2x1 Cost $512

Pays $1024

Passive Income

Ad PackCostCapDaily ROIMin RequirementAds to SurfAd Credit
Ad Pack 1$1$1.1 (110%)1% to 3%Position in Board 110 Ads100
Ad Pack 2$2$2.24 (112%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 1 & Position in Board 210 Ads100
Ad Pack 3$5$5.75 (115%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 2 & Position in Board 310 Ads100
Ad Pack 4$10$11.8 (118%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 3 & Position in Board 410 Ads100
Ad Pack 5$15$18 (120%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 4 & Position in Board 510 Ads100
Ad Pack 6$30$36 (120%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 5 & Position in Board 610 Ads100
Ad Pack 7$50$60 (120%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 6 & Position in Board 710 Ads100
Ad Pack 8$100$120 (120%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 7 & Position in Board 810 Ads100
Ad Pack 9$200$240 (120%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 8 & Position in Board 910 Ads100
Ad Pack 10$400$500 (125%)1% to 3%10 Ad Pack 9 & Position in Board 1010 Ads100

Infinity level commission

We pay a standard 10% commission on all sales from your referrals, starting with your second referral.
What this means is that everyone's first referral, the commission of the sale will go to the upline or sponsor.
This Infinity Plan is also called the X-Up or 1-Up compensation plan.